ESN Tallinn was founded in 2003 and first started to take care of Erasmus students studying at Tallinn Pedagogical University (current name Tallinn University). Erasmus was at that time the most popular and most successful educational exhange program and most of the incoming international students came here with Erasmus. As the number of Erasmus students and other foreign students in this university was small, then volunteers in ESN Tallinn decided to take care of exchange students also in other higher education institutions in Tallinn. Year by year there were more and more exchange students coming to all the universities in Tallinn - as a result the range of our activities and volunteers has risen and we are covering more and more students.

They unite students from many universities:

Tallinn University
Tallinn University of Technology
University of Applied Sciences
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Tallinn Health Care College
Estonian Business School
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
Many of ESN Tallinn members have been Erasmus students themselves, so they agree with the statement that "Erasmus is something that will stick with you wherever you are".

ESN Tallinn has around 40 members each semester - they accept people from all kind of backround and Nationalities.

In ESN Tallinn program there are many different kind of events planned. In the beginning of every semester they have a "Orientation Week" and many other events are held regularly. For example ESN Movie Nights, Game Nights and Quizzes.

They organise trips to Lapland, St. Petersburg and Trip around Estonia.

There are events like opera visits, theatre visits, different competitions (Football Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Photo competition), various outdoor events etc and they create a marvelous souvenir called ESN Diary at the end of each semester for the students to take home.

They have bi-weekly members meetings and also training events for their members at least 1 per semester. ESN Tallinn is an NGO.