ESN Tartu

ESN Tartu is an officially registered NGO founded in the year 2000, making it the oldest of the five ESN sections in Estonia. The main objective of ESN Tartu is the integration of international students to the city of Tartu. This is done through events that take place weekly such as cultural trips, movie and game nights, parties, and theatre visits.

The universities in Tartu that this organization is collaborating with include:
 University of Tartu
 Estonian University of Life Sciences
 Tartu Art College
 Tartu Health Care College
 Estonian Aviation Academy

ESN Tartu is the only organization in Tartu whose sole focus is the enhancement of the lives of international students.

ESN Tartu in ESN Estonia

ESN Estonia as an official body was founded in 2011. Since then we have our own national board that works on partnerships on the national level which should benefit all the sections and they just try to make communication between the sections easier and better. ESN Tartu has had a very important role in our national boards as many national board members have been and still are from ESN Tartu.

ESN Tartu in ESN International

ESN Tartu has been active on the international level as well for quite a while already. Our members participate in international events of the network such as Annual General Meeting, Council of National Representatives, Council of National Delegates, Northern European Platform etc. We have organized three international events right here in Tartu: Nordic Networking Meeting Tartu 2002, Northern European Platform Tartu 2008 and Council of National Representatives Tartu 2011. Of course there are less official and formal events that we also take part in such as ESN Sea Battle and ESN Ibiza Trip. 

Our members have also been active individually on the international level: Veeli Oeselg was the Vice President of ESN International 2009/2010, Marge Taivere has been a member of the ESN Survey Team and from December 2012 until July 2013, Tiina Nõulik was the National Boards Coordinator.