America, Canada, Japan and many other countries could have been a choice of Suzan to make her exchange studies, but she chose Estonia. Suzan is an exchange student from the Netherlands. The nature of Estonia attracted her, but moreover, the courses and the possibilities for studies were the major aspects of her choice.
Suzan studies at the School of Governance, Law and Society at Tallinn University. In the Netherlands, her major is European studies. It is a great opportunity for her to study at the School of Governance, Law and Society, as she could take some courses that come across her field. A surprise for her was that classes here last longer. For instance, in the Netherlands, one academic class lasts for 1.5 hours, but here it could go on for 4 hours. According to her, it is cool, but only sometimes.
It is interesting to be in Estonia and study the complex of sciences about Europe Suzan says. But she doesn’t see herself working here in this particular field. She would rather choose Brussels for the future career. I came here for a short stay, to experience something new, and then go back home.  
Suzan was lucky, and nothing really bad happened during her stay here. Naming the worse things in Tallinn, she would only mention the weather, but not as a worse thing, rather unpleasant. Naming three best things, she names the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. This is priority number one for an international student. Secondly, the roommates that she got. And thirdly, partying and traveling with them. As an Erasmus student, you need to have your own group with whom you could always spend memorable times. Nevertheless, there is one disadvantage in living with many people Suzan says. “You can’t really be alone”. In order to do that, you would need to go out for a walk. There are some days that you wish to spend with your thoughts, but it was complicated to do that.
Traveling, partying, being with your friends are the only ingredients to be happy in Estonia, just as everywhere else. Many would say that due to the absence of sun during the daytime people become more depressed, but she doesn’t feel it, and her life here is not that different from her life in the Netherlands, “Even the weather is the same as in the Netherlands”.
If there would be an opportunity to change something, Suzan would add night buses and night trams. It is really hard to get back home from the parties. Night buses and trams would make your life easier. “I’m sure that many international students would agree with my statement,” Suzan says.
Traditional Blitz questions for Suzan:
Snow or Wind? – Snow
Hot or Cold? – Hot
Staying home and watching favorite show or Friday night out in the best club of Tallinn? – Friday night out
Vana Tallinn or  National beverage? – Vana Tallinn
Estonian boyfriend or a boyfriend from the Netherlands? – None, I didn’t really meet Estonians, they are usually quiet 
Name Estonia in three words – Cold,  Fun,  Good Location 
What is there in the world that should be for free for everyone? – Health care and education. 
Written by Teymur Mammadov.