Mov'in Europe is an international project of ESN started in 2014, running a multi-format campaign promoting various mobility opportunities to young people, students, and young graduates (volunteering, travelling, learning, studying, internships, working).


The young people don’t have correct information, they don’t have mobility stories to rely on, and they need to break the barriers to mobility (academic, linguistic, social and financial barriers.) With 30 years-strong network and size of our 15 000 volunteers willing to share their real-life experiences of mobility, we can show the perks of mobility. We try to reach the local students and show them how cool mobility is through activities organised of our ESN sections.

Examples of events

Conferences – interesting opportunities to debate about a specific topic with other people. Main focus should be on mobility and everything linked. It’s a good way to discuss the problems and benefits of mobility, and gives students ability to express their thoughts and change the way of seeing mobility.

Education/Career Fairs – addressed to students seeking for opportunities about their studies and further steps. A good way is to participate, let people know about ESN and promote mobility.

Infomarket – an informational event meant to provide information about the universities. Creates an awareness of the chance of studying abroad.

Erasmus/Mobility Day – Makes people aware of mobility opportunities, make the information clear

International Students Night – gives students the opportunity to promote their countries and cultures, creating an unique atmosphere to inspire local citizens, including students and young
people. Good way to cooperate with partners. (Language activities, country presentations)

Social Media & More information

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