Throughout the semester, EBS International Club organizes different cultural events, trips and parties. ESN EBS is part of the EBS Student Council. They have a really personal approach to all the incoming students, as they have around 50-120 of them. ESN EBS is still the smallest ESN section in Estonia, but as long as they have the motivation to carry on, they will survive and be very successful in the future.

For exchange students and their tutors, the semester begins with Orientation week to make the first day memorable and melt the ice as quickly as possible. They organise for example Take off Party and other socializing events for incoming students. The biggest event of the semester is International Dinner. International Dinner is an event where foreign students introduce their country and food and ESN EBS introduces Estonian culture and food to foreign students. Furthermore, foreign students are integrated into local students’ life through Tallinn Student Days and shown the Estonian student spirit through participation in the Independence Day Parade. They are also taken to our unforgettable St. Petersburg and Lapland trips.

Today, more than 40% of the student body of EBS is made up of international students. EBS has expanded their activities and since 2011 has successfully opened a branch in Helsinki, where currently about 150 students are studying. EBS has more than 70 partner universities all over the world. With a wide number of exchange students and lecturers, the school has grown into one of the biggest private universities in the Baltic region. At EBS, international entrepreneurship and business administration are taught at bachelor's, master's and doctor's levels. 

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