Eduk8 is ESN’s international training project, which aims to empower ESN members to allow them to perform better in their ESN daily tasks. Also Eduk8 aims to create a pool of Trainers empowered with the tools and knowledge needed to educate and develop fellow members in the network. Every day ESN’ers all over Europe, work hard to support and develop our colourful network and while doing so they gain new skills and competences. These skills and competences can be hard to identify and put words to and that is where Eduk8 can make a difference. Eduk8 facilitates activities where underlying soft-skills can be identified and where participants can share know-how and learn from one-another in a structured, conscious and fun way! Find out what Eduk8 means to people here.


Eduk8 project has 2 different focuses: one is to make training events for ESN volunteers and another provides volunteers expand their skills in non-formal education and go through Training for Trainers.

Training events: Autumn and Spring trainings

This is an international training event organised twice a year, Autumn and Spring,  with thematic tracks, such as Project Management, Motivation or Intercultural Learning. This 4-day training is hosted by an ESN section, and aims at developing ESN members' skills and competences and help the realisation of underlying soft skills through the methods of Non-Formal Education. One training event usually divides to either two or three thematic tracks with approximately 20 participants and 2 Facilitators per track.

Training events: Eduk8 Academy

This event engages 80 ESNers from the local level and introduces them to a learning cycle made of workshops based on non-formal education methods. A wide range of workshops in a variety of fields and topics, conducted by Eduk8 Facilitators, are held during four days. The participants will be able to choose and customize their own schedule from the available workshops, and therefore create a unique learning experience. The event is a great opportunity to get a taste of what you can learn during ESN trainings.

Training for Trainers:

Eduk8 Starter

Starter is a minimum 7-days long training event, where participants learn how to facilitate knowledge exchange through non-formal education methods. Its main goal is teaching the participants how to plan, design, implement and evaluate short educational workshops on the local and national levels of ESN. Participants develop verbal facilitation and public speaking skills, as well as learn how to give and receive feedback and develop their competences in a certain topic. After the training, the participants have also gained practical experience in delivering workshops.

If participants of Eduk8 Starter receive the endorsement from an external trainer, they join the pool of Eduk8ers.

Eduk8 Forward

This is the next step in the Eduk8 Lifecycle. Participants who attended the Eduk8 Starter and have a proven experience in non-formal educational activities as Eduk8ers  can take part in this minimum 8-days long advanced training event. Its main goal is to develop personal competences and learn how to plan, design, implement and evaluate quality educational workshops on national and international levels of ESN. Participants develop stronger debriefing and verbal facilitation skills. They learn the facilitation and self-coaching techniques, game design and how to deal with ambiguity.

If Eduk8ers who attend the Eduk8 Forward receive the endorsement from an external trainer, they join the pool of Facilitators.

Eduk8 and ESN Estonia

There are 5 ESN Estonia members who have gone through Eduk8 training.

Eduk8ers of ESN Estonia:

  • Karoli Kõiv
  • Liina Reimann
  • Elina Goman
  • Aivar Yorick
  • Regina Rähn

Members of ESN Estonia have helped to organise ESN Estonia's National Training event Skillbox and help out with delivering sessions/workshops during National Platforms of ESN Estonia.

Social Media

Website: https://eduk8.esn.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ESNEduk8/