ESN is operating on three levels: international, national, and local levels. ESN Estonia National Level consists of National Board and National Coordinators.

ESN Estonia is the link between the local level and the international level. In ESN Estonia, there are 5 sections altogether (ESN Tartu, ESN Tallinn, ESN TalTech IC, ESN EBS, ESN TU IC).


Ksenija Poltavets
President: Ksenija Poltavets
Muza Yusupova
Vice-President: Muza Yusupova
Relika Lahesaar
Treasurer: Relika Lahesaar
Matteo Ingrassia
Communication Manager: Matteo Ingrassia


Events Manager: Raquel Martin



Omar Selim
Farid Fakharzadeh
Training Coordinator: Farid Fakharzadeh
Ulkar Ahmadzada
Education Officer: Ulkar Ahmadzada
Maksym Kiselov
Causes Coordinator: Vacant

Individuals who have been members of the ESN Estonia National Board or a National Coordinator can belong to the ESN Estonia National Council. The National Council consists of two to six members. National Council provides evaluation for National Level and is a consulting body regarding budget and legal questions for the National Board and Sections.

You can see a list of former National Board members here.