Dear international students - welcome to Estonia!

Spring semester is just about to begin – welcome to all international students starting their life in Estonia this semester and hello again to the one’s who are still with us. 
From ESN side we wish you a bright semester ahead - we hope you will meet many like-minded people, create wonderful memories, try out some new things and take upon many adventures while discovering our beautiful country. Maybe for some of you Estonia is the place you visit for the first time. We hope ESN will be part of your journey in Estonia, as we are here to support you and make sure you can enjoy your stay in Estonia to the fullest.
If you are new in Estonia or looking for something to do, then you should definently check out events & trips done by our sections. In Estonia ESN is compiled of 5 sections of which 4 are in Tallinn and 1 in Tartu. The best place to start is to join their welcome weeks.

ESN Tartu
ESN Tartu is an ESN section located in the university capital of Estonia. The oldest section in Estonia has many international students to take care of in Tartu every semester. They collaborate with 5 universities in Tartu. They believe there must be a balance in life, including a balance between studying and socialising. They organising awesome socialising events a few times a week, so students would have something interesting to do outside of university lectures as well. However additionally to socialising events they also organise cultural, sports, trips and social cause events.  Some bigger events to look forward to are Pool Party, Jam Session and Bachelors Auction. To make sure you don't miss any - keep up with their social media.
Welcome week events of ESN Tartu
08.02 Pub Crawl
12.02 Speed Friending
15.02 Welcome Party
Social media of ESN Tartu
ESN Tallinn
ESN Tallinn is the oldest section in Tallinn, which collaborates with 8 universities. Their main goal is to connect international students from different universities during their events. In event list of ESN Tallinn every person can find some kind of event to participate in. Either it is just social and networking event, something for the sports lovers, highlighting cultural aspects of countries. They organise trips outside of Estonia and also few trips in Estonia. ESN Tallinn events happen few times a week, so make sure you pop-by.

Welcome week events of ESN Tallinn

Social media of ESN Tallinn
ESN TalTech IC
ESN TalTech IC section takes care of Erasmus and international students of Tallinn University of Technology or so called TalTech. They will have traditional events upcoming semester like International Dinner, Beer pong, Pub Crawl, Ice skating, Board Games Nights - where you can socialise. Also they will take you to tours in offices of famous Start Ups. ESN TalTech is fond of sports events as well. This section often collaborates with other sections in Tallinn to give their students best opportunites and make sure they meet awesome people from all around Tallinn. Taking part of their events as a student of TalTech is a must!


Welcome week events of ESN TalTech IC
24.01 Ice Breaker
25.01 Pub Crawl
02.02 City Games
07.02 Welcome Party
Social media of ESN TalTech IC


ESN TU IC section takes care of Erasmus and international students of Tallinn University. Their main aim is to support exchange students and international degree students during their studies in Tallinn University. They organise cultural events like language cafe's, Estonian evening, Open Air museum visits, also socialising events International Express. You can also take part of their workshops like Folk Dance workshop. They also collaborate on different sports and socialising events with other ESN sections in Tallinn. ESN TU IC provides you with many awesome events while studying in Tallinn University.

Welcome week events of ESN TU IC
11.02 Estonian Evening
Social media of ESN TU IC


ESN EBS (Estonian Business School) which is the most mystical of our international clubs. ESN EBS is the smallest section in Estonia and they part of Student Council of EBS. Most important for them is to provide buddies to all the international students, who come to study in EBS. This year they are planning to do some traditional events like Winter Swim, celebrate Estonian day with their students and also organise trips for their students. They organise also events in collaboration with other sections. However, participation on events organised by EBS Student Council is what gives you the right spirit for being #ebsikas.

Welcome week events of ESN EBS

31.01 Orientation Day
Social media of EBS Student Council