Blue sky, cooling sea, meditative sounds from nature… Yeah, we miss summer as much as you do. So what if we told you that a dream like this can come true? This is what I Land Sound festival experience is all about. From 11th to 14 of July tiny part of Saaremaa island is turned into a celebration of creativity, learning and relaxing.​

I Land Sound and Erasmus Student Network Estonia decided to join forces to spread the message across the world about the magic of Saaremaa, local art and music scene. In case you’re curious or still wondering if this is something for an adventurous student like yourself, read these 3 reasons that make this a must-go festival of summer 2019.​

The island experience​

While staying in Estonia, the local islands are something you don’t want to miss and I Land Sound festival has the perfect location to explore. Festival grounds are located on Illiku islet, Orissaare borough, part of the biggest Estonian island Saaremaa. It is famous for it’s fields filled with juniper trees, old windmills, a meteorite crater field, fisherman villages and local cousines, rocky beaches and the seaside always within a hand's reach. The most random thing the festival area is known for? The European Tree 2015 grows perfectly in the middle of a local football field. If you’re a fan of camping and staying outdoors, you will surely appreciate sleeping in a tent in the middle of a big field, waking up to nice sea breeze in the morning and getting greeted by friendly neighbors.

Photo: I Land Sound 2018

By the way, did you know that the island of Saaremaa is working towards becoming the first eco and plastic free island?

I Land Green
This brings us to the second reason to love I Land Sound festival: REDUCE, REUSE,  RECYCLE. These three words are the most important mantra for the organisers. As already said - the environment on spot is stunning and once it steals your heart, it’s natural that environmental sustainability becomes priority number one. The dedication of the organisers is inspiring and quite frankly - contagious.
“It is actually possible to reduce all plastic or packaging production if we take a second to notice it and find reasonable alternatives. Events and life should be organized with these thoughts in mind, reducing the use of packaging from the production line. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!”
The festival aims at zero waste - bring your own cup or rent one on spot, use your own dishes and wash them in designated dishwashing station. There’s always fresh drinking water available. Obviously you won’t find plastic bags, straws, flyers around. Even the cigarette buds have a special container in order to not end up on the ground - this is some serious next-level innovative thinking. If only more of us would pick up this idea…

Let’s be straight forward: the festival ground is built on trash. No kidding. The organisers have at heart using as many second-hand materials as possible to build the whole festival site. The artwork brings to life the leftovers from landfills. However once the work is ready you’re likely more blown away by the art than the fact it used to lay around useless in a dumpster. Sneak peak what was happening last year:
Photo: I Land Sound 2018
Photo: I Land Sound 2018
Inspired 24 hours a day

Most of festivals are known for party all night-sleep whole day-survive hangover-continue partying cycle. We in ESN and also the people behind I Land Sound see the potential for a much richer experience. Throughout these 4 days and 3 nights you can attend different workshops, yoga sessions, meditation, movie screenings, lectures - you name it - or take the time off and just breath in the nature around. Don’t forget to enjoy incredible artwork we mentioned already - fire sculptures, paintings, performances are all there to tickle your senses. The music scene will be colored by 22 musicians and artists on 6 different stages both from Estonia and elsewhere like Romania and Finland. To explore the full program, check out their website:


Treat your body and soul after an eventful and intense study year. Get yourself and your friends the ticket right away before they run out. I Land Sound has made a special -20 euros discount for international students and all guests from abroad who are still studying in the university. Head over to ESN Estonia registration platform and leave your contact information. In a couple of days after the registration you will receive the personal discount code which you can use to buy up to two festival passes.


The volunteers of ESN Estonia will be there. Will you? We can’t wait to see you at I Land Sound festival!