Dear members of ESN Estonia,

National Board announced the Open Call for National Coordinators and National Board of ESN Estonia. You can find board task description for specific position here.


Who are we looking for?:

National Coordinators positions you can apply for:

-Projects Coordinator

-Pirates of the Baltic Sea Coordinator

-Training Coordinator

-Education Officer

-IT Coordinator

-Partnership Coordinator

You can apply for National Coordinator position till on 22nd of July 2018. National Coordinators will be appointed by National Board latest by the end of July.

Mandate of National Coordinators are for 1 year starting from the date of the appointment.

National Board positions you can apply for:
-Communication Manager
-Financial Manager

Elections will take place during Summer National Platform on 17th and 19th of August 2018.

Mandate of National Board members are till April 2019 (Spring National Platform) as an exception. After 40th National Platform of ESN Estonia elections of National Board members will be streamlined and elections will happen in April. In order to do, this National Board will have a shorter mandate than usual.

During the elections you are asked to make a presentation or speech up to 10 minutes and to answer the questions from the participants of the National Platform.

How to apply?:

To apply, send you ESN CV and a motivational letter to

-To apply for National Coordinator by 22nd of July 2018 (23:59, EST).
-To apply for National Board by 9th of August 2018 (23:59, EST).

What should CV include?:

Add your job and ESN experience in your CV.

What should Motivational letter include?:

-Why are you candidating?

-What experience you have in ESN or outside to support this position?

-What are your ideas for the mandate?

-Why should we choose you?


Do you know someone who would be perfect for National Coordinator or National Board position? Then help us reach that person.

Please nominate them here:
You can nominate National Coordinators till 20th of July 2018
You can nominate National Board till 2nd of August 2018

Why to apply over all?:

You will have an opportunity to be the one, who leads the wind of change in ESN Estonia. We had quite many changes in structure, procedures and ways how ESN Estonia operates this year. New National Board and National Coordinators are the first one’s to actually make it work with the new system.
If you think you know how to empower National Level and Local Level - then this Open Call is for YOU! We believe that National Board and National Coordinators together form a strong team that can improve ESN Estonia in its actions.

There are many ideas around the network - we need people and support in ESN Estonia to make the dream alive.

Why to apply for National Coordinators position?:

This is your chance to join National Level with your expertise. We believe that Coordinators should work in a team and be included more into National Level.
National Coordinators will have support of National Board to achieving their goals. We believe we have many experienced and strong ESNers around the network who could join the National Coordinators to support National and Local level. Or if you feel you don’t know enough, but you would like to step up in ESN - no worries, we will support you and give you knowledge National Coordinator needs.

Why to apply for National Board position?:

National Board provides you with opportunity to empower all people in the network and all the sections at the same time. Your work will be about growth of ESN Estonia as a network. We need brave people who are ready to step up to better the network and work for providing more opportunities for members of ESN Estonia.

We are really waiting for your applications and nominations!
Feel free to approach the current National Board members if you have any questions about the position.

ESN Estonia network
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