You’re thinking about learning Estonian, huh? We’ve made it easier for you and gathered up some information that could be useful while learning the language.

First of all…

General information on the language:

Just so you know what you will get yourself into and some basics on the phonetics

Speakly has made learning Estonian free for our 100th birthday. You can use the free chance by…

1. Going on the website

2. Clicking on “Buy now”

3. You have to log in to and choose Estonian as your language

4. Choose whatever package you fancy

5. Using the coupon code “EV100” or “WORKINESTONIA” with what you get it for free :)  

Keeleklikk is another good place to start to learn more about the language and also history

Found here:

The page is made mostly for little kids, though it is probably a good place to start for a beginner.

Quizlet is another great source for language learning and it has games for you to help learn some extra vocabulary.

For example here: 

“E nagu Eesti” is one of the books you could use as an extra to learn the language. There are plenty of other books that you can find in bookstores. The biggest chains in Estonia are called Rahvaraamat and Apollo, but there are some others that you can take a look at or order from an online store.

If you are searching for a basic list of verbs to get you started these are some of the ones that can help you get started



Cases are the headache of the language… none of the foreigners think that we need all 14 of them! We might not have big mountains here, so we compensate lacking in that department with cases

You can check out pages such as this:

All in all, you can find further ways to learn the language online or find an online course.
As an Erasmus/international student, there should be opportunities given in the university to learn the language at a basic level. If you are interested in further learning there are also language schools that you can google. Mostly just have fun and don’t stress too much :)

Written by Merilin Jõesaar.