Estonian 101 vol.3

Basic knowledge on topics you’ll need to know about

Going out

Last time I mentioned Estonians being the Ron Swanson’s of the block...BUT if we get a few milliliters of alcohol in our blood system, then we basically become the worst dancing Southern people on the dance floor. Going out is a part of an Erasmus life, we cannot hide it… but one thing we want to say is for you to be always responsible! 

Estonian 101 vol.2

An Introduction - basic words you'll need during the first weeks 

One way to see Estonians smile during your stay here is saying them something in their own language. Estonians are modest and think that their language is too small for someone foreign to bother to learn something. If you know even some small basics like Aitäh, Tere and such can light up someone’s day. 

So here are the basics for you: