Basic knowledge on topics you’ll need to know about

Going out

Last time I mentioned Estonians being the Ron Swanson’s of the block...BUT if we get a few milliliters of alcohol in our blood system, then we basically become the worst dancing Southern people on the dance floor. Going out is a part of an Erasmus life, we cannot hide it… but one thing we want to say is for you to be always responsible! 

Üks õlu, palun! - One beer, please!
Üks tee, palun! - One tea, please! 
Usually the “One …, please!” works with all of the drinks and food items. 
Üks …, palun! (you can replace the … with the following words)
Vein - wine
Viin - vodka
Kohvi - coffee
Kook - cake
Burger - burger
Pitsa - pizza 

We don’t mess around with our beer here… if you order one you’ll take the big one, minimum 0,5 liters. It’s a serious topic, we don’t joke around with it. If you ask less, that they’ll think you’re weird. 


Järgmine peatus… - The next stop is (this is something you will hear alot in the trams, busses and trolleys, so keep in mind and don’t miss your stop!)
Important bus/tram stops you need to know
Bussijaam - Coach station. The place you can go to other cities in Estonia and also Riga, St.Petersburg, Vilnius, etc. 
Lennujaam - Airport (trams nr. 4 and bus nr. 2 will take you from the Airport to the city centre)
Viru - Viru stop and Vabaduse väljak - Freedom Square (these two are the ones that have multiple bus/tram/trolley stops to go to further places in Tallinn… so check if your bus is leaving from the right station just in case!) 

Explaining yourself

At some point hopefully will come the day you know a bit more than Üks õlu, palun! and that’s the time you have to start explaining that you actually don’t know Estonian that well..

Kas sa räägid inglise keelt? - Do you speak English?
Ma ei räägi eesti keelt - I don't speak Estonian 
Ma räägin natuke eesti keelt - I speak a little Estonian 
Kas sa võid aeglasemalt rääkida? - Can you speak slower?  
Ma saan aru - I understand 
Ma ei saa aru - I don’t understand
Vabandust - I’m sorry
Anna andeks - Forgive me!
Palun - please 
Palun anna andeks - Please, forgive me