What about Estonia? #4

“I was just searching for possible universities for my exchange studies, and when I saw Estonia, I said to myself, let’s try it and see how the life there is”. Valentina is a 25-year-old exchange student from Slovenia studying political science. She came to Estonia to complete her thesis in the field of green infrastructure. She is studying the cases of Slovenia, Estonia and Finland. 

A trip around Estonia

When studying in Estonia, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to see what this small but beautiful country has to offer besides the town you are studying in. You can travel around the whole country in just a couple of days. There are many many places to find and explore but in this post, you’ll find some tips and routes that can help you on your road discovering this beautiful Nordic country. 

What about Estonia? #3

America, Canada, Japan and many other countries could have been a choice of Suzan to make her exchange studies, but she chose Estonia. Suzan is an exchange student from the Netherlands. The nature of Estonia attracted her, but moreover, the courses and the possibilities for studies were the major aspects of her choice.

Kati Hispaanias

Peamine põhjus, miks otsustasin Erasmus+ raames Hispaaniasse õppima minna oli soov parandada hispaania keele oskust, kuid lisaks sellele ka soov lähemalt tundma õppida hispaanlaste kombeid ja kultuuri. Veel ahvatles Erasmus+ võimalusega tutvuda paljude uute ja erinevate inimestega kogu maailmast.

What about Estonia? #2

It’s always nice to enjoy your time in a warm place, in a place where you can go swimming in October, and the days are long. Nevertheless, it might appear that a country with a cold climate is still a pleasant spot to be in. Despite not being able to swim in the sea in October, and enjoy long days, Estonia is a good place to live in.

Surviving Estonia 5

Previously, there have been posts about Estonian 101, which is a good way to begin. Knowing some Estonian is a great way to begin. However, there are some more things you should know before encountering a wild Estonian or moving here.

First things first - personal space

Estonian 101 vol.3

Basic knowledge on topics you’ll need to know about

Going out

Last time I mentioned Estonians being the Ron Swanson’s of the block...BUT if we get a few milliliters of alcohol in our blood system, then we basically become the worst dancing Southern people on the dance floor. Going out is a part of an Erasmus life, we cannot hide it… but one thing we want to say is for you to be always responsible! 

Estonian 101 vol.2

An Introduction - basic words you'll need during the first weeks 

One way to see Estonians smile during your stay here is saying them something in their own language. Estonians are modest and think that their language is too small for someone foreign to bother to learn something. If you know even some small basics like Aitäh, Tere and such can light up someone’s day. 

So here are the basics for you: